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Wellforce Groups Investment Limited was registered with the UK International Business Companies Act on 1st November 2022, Company number:02572418, and NZBN:0002572418883. Our registered Registered Office Companies House,Canterbury UK
The Wellforce Groups Investment Limited is under the industry Classification(s): K02572418 Investment company operation and offers investors access to a portfolio of predominantly high quality UK and global listed securities. These are selected by Wellforce Groups Investment Management Limited (the Manager), one of UK’s most experienced fund managers, and managed to provide regular income and long-term capital growth.

Having been licensed by The gobal financial market supervisory authority - FINMA, we are duly regulated and maintain high business standards. With our international reach, and Proven equities experience, we are able to integrate strategic resources from across the globe.

Wellforce Groups has maintained such a great track record of delivering consistent investment performance and has provided its shareholders with tax effective income via a consistent returns on client investments. The Manager’s investment team conducts extensive domestic and global company meetings and calls each year. Its rigorous security selection process is focused on quality and value.


Our Committment to Growth

Wellforce Groups Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance and undertakes rigorous processes over the years to provide oversight of the Company’s activity and performance. This includes considering and adopting the global Corporate Governance Council Principles and Recommendations where appropriate.

We ensure our corporate strategy engages with the ever-changing social and technological trends of today through our business model, which sees innovation solutions and financial services at the heart of our business ecosystem. Additionally, we strive to create a supportive working environment where staff are encouraged to generate new and creative ideas in order to serve better the needs of all stakeholders.

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our expert team

The Wellforce Groups Management has become the force driving our successful services. We recognise that our reputation is dependent on our compliance to the highest ethical standards. Directors / Officers represented in this picture Mingchuan KONG, Mingzhong HAO, Xiaojun GUO, Zheng KONG


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